Venue marketing
ImageModel is an exclusive beautification marketplace and network that gives hospitality venues tools to enhance their brand image and bring in more clients. With ImageModel, it's easy to book beautiful models for any type of event. It's fast, efficient and secure
Our Services
  • 1
    With ImageModel, you can hire as many models as you like to beautify your venue or event.
  • 2
    Brand ambassadors
    Our models can proactively spread the word about your business. You can educate our models so that they engage your customers at events and bring in more clients to your business.
  • 3
    Information gathering
    You can train ImageModels to be your eyes at the event, collect information about your audience and potential clients. This will help you improve your business and increase its revenue.
  • 4
    You are promoted to ImageModel clients.
    We have a database of very successful people. When you become our partner, you get the tools to promote your venue to our clients. When our clients visit your event, they spend money at your place and they bring models with them.
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